About South Forward

It’s no secret that the Democratic Party and progressives are reeling in the South. The Tea Party is ascendant and Republicans have supermajorities in many state houses. Public education, labor, womens’ health and the very right to vote are under concerted – and successful – attack.

This must change.

South Forward is an integrated, multi-faceted approach to revitalizing and growing the Democratic South. While winning elections is the real goal, our early focus will be on “building the bench” and capacity-building for State parties and others.

South Forward consists of a 501(c)4 non-profit, a Federal independent expenditure PAC and a Federal candidate PAC (which will allow for direct contributions to candidates and state party organizations). In due time and in accordance with election/campaign finance law in each state, we will form state level PACs as well.

In 2013 our focus will include:

  • Direct candidate support for down-ballot races with an emphasis on the municipal and legislative races;
  • Independent expenditures on behalf of municipal and legislative races;
  • Development of a candidate and campaign management training/mentoring program that will focus specifically on women, African American and Latino candidates and campaign managers and staff.

In 2014, South Forward will also focus on statewide and Congressional races where appropriate, and also remain focused on legislative, county, and municipal races and Party-building.